Dedication Poem

My memorial here is set firm on the ground
My metal and stone dedication
Think of me as you walk around
Or pause in quiet reflection
My name, lines of text for all to read
Recording my life in brief
From earthbound shackles I am now freed
So for me there’s no need to feel grief
Think too of those honoured for their sacrifice
Not named, their deeds are not stated
They served us all, paid the ultimate price
In this memorial their lives are celebrated
Our souls are soaring, released to the sky
We are where we want to be
In clear bright blue or amidst clouds we fly
On the wings of your memory
You will not find us by looking down
Raise your eyes and seek us above
We do not reside in this metal and stone
We are borne high by your thoughts and your love

This poem can be downloaded as a PDF for you to print out if you wish…

The Trustees would ask that if you do want to have your own copy of the poem that you kindly send in a donation by cheque or put a donation in the collecting box at The Memorial Site.