There was a Garden of Remembrance at the entrance to a D-Day museum that was housed at Shoreham Airport. When the museum closed in 2003 the topsoil, containing the ashes of pilots, and the rose bushes were moved to the front of the Lancing College Chapel, with the assistance of Members of a local motorcycle club.

The existing Memorial, installed by Gerald Spicer in 1997, is now managed and maintained as a public amenity by a voluntary Board of Trustees. The memorial is managed as a not-for-profit enterprise and all funds will be used to maintain the site. Thanks to generous donations and sponsorship from local companies and individuals as well as the airport owners and operators the site has been refurbished and improved.

The B26 Propeller central hub
The B26 Propeller central hub

The B26 Propeller has had a complete overhaul to bring it back to pristine condition. We have not straightened out the bend in the lower left blade as this is was how it was when recovered from the downed aircraft.

There is a paved walkway round the memorial allowing ease of access for all. Two wooden planters are sited each side of the south face and filled with appropriate plants during the different seasons. Brian Brown’s memorial stone has been re-sited within the memorial and a refurbished plaque attached. The original plaque is now in the Shoreham Airport Visitor Centre Museum. A similar stone for Don Bean MBE (founder and organiser of Shoreham Airshow) has been placed within the memorial site along with the recent addition in 2016 of a memorial stone for Peter Eager Flying Display Director and ‘The Voice’ of Shoreham RAFA Airshow.

The memorial is non-denominational and is a public site for the remembrance of those who gave their lives in past conflicts and also a place for a permanent tribute to honour a person connected with or making a significant contribution to the Airport. Everyone is invited to use the area for a moment of reflection and quietly remember those who will never be forgotten. The site is open to the public during the Airport opening hours.

Recognised organisations may, with advance application to the Trustees, use the memorial to conduct a service of remembrance and thanksgiving, place wreaths and parade standards as appropriate.

Individual memorials, either memorial stones or metal plaques, can be placed on the site. To maintain the quality and integrity of the site all additions to the memorial must be approved by the Trustees. The specifications and prices are on the application forms that can be downloaded from this website. All those remembered on the site can also have an entry in the Memorial Book. Suitable text and photo can be supplied for inclusion in the book to provide more information about the individuals with stones or plaques. The Memorial Book is available for viewing in the Visitor Centre. The Visitor Centre can be contacted on 01273 441061, email or visit their website on

Shoreham Airfield is located between the A259 to the south and the A27 to the north in West Sussex. The memorial site is located in front of the South face of the main terminal building. It can be accessed by car with parking available via pay & display. The Terminal building has disabled access and facilities and visitors can have a refreshments or lunch in the Hummingbird licensed restaurant and bar on the ground floor. The nearest railway station is Shoreham-by-Sea and there are bus services to the south entrance on the A259 or the footbridge at the north east corner of the airfield. Please note travel by bus will mean a walk of approximately 15 minutes to reach the terminal building.

The Memorial is supported by donations and sponsorship. Should you wish to make a donation there is a collection box on site or for further information please contact the Trustees.
Or write to: Community Memorial, Main Terminal Building, Brighton City Airport, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex BN43 5FF


The Trustees wish to express their grateful thanks to the Airport owners and operators, their management and staff as well as all the tenants and users of the Airport. Special thanks go to the companies and individuals who provided materials, machinery, labour, funds, help and advice as well as ongoing support and assistance. All of which have allowed us to restore and improve the memorial and put in place ongoing maintenance to make it available for all to share.

It should be noted that The Shoreham Airport Community Memorial is not a registered charity with the Charity Commission. The Shoreham Airport Community Memorial is set up with a Small Charity Governing Constitution and is managed solely with charitable aims and for public benefit.

The Trustees are Mrs. Anne Bean, Mrs. Joan Fowler, Mr. Geoffrey Smith, Mrs. Jane Smith, Mr. Allan Fowler.

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