Shoreham Airport Community Memorial (Small Charity Governing Constitution)


There was once a D Day Museum at Shoreham Airport with a Memorial Garden at the entrance. When the Museum closed, the garden topsoil, containing scattered ashes and rose bushes, were relocated in front of Lancing College Chapel. The existing Memorial was installed by Gerald Spicer in 1997.


Shoreham Airport (also known as Brighton City Airport), Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, main entrance from the A27 to the north or restricted height (7 foot) access from the A259 to the south. The Shoreham Airport Community Memorial site is located in front of the southern entrance to the main Terminal Building. It can be accessed by road with parking available via pay and display. The nearest Railway Station is Shoreham by Sea. The airport Terminal Building is a 1930 Grade II listed building, providing disabled facilities where visitors can enjoy refreshments in the licensed Hummingbird Bar and Restaurant.


The Memorial will be known as The Shoreham Airport Community Memorial. It is a public non-denominational site for the remembrance of those who gave their lives in past conflicts and also a place to lay a permanent tribute to honour a person connected with, or making a significant contribution to the Airport. The site has been refurbished and improved during 2014, funded by donations, and the objective is to provide a dedicated area to focus on recognition of those held in high esteem at the Airport.


Recognised organisations may use the Community Memorial Garden at times of defined remembrance to conduct services of remembrance, thanksgiving, place a wreath, and parade standards. Individuals or organisations may apply to place a permanent tribute to a deceased person, using the appropriate Form of Application. All are invited to use the area for a moment of reflection and quietly respect those who will never be forgotten.


Any person wishing to place a permanent plaque or memorial stone must apply to the Trustees. Only authorised memorials will be permitted and will need the consent of the Trustees. Applications must be made in duplicate and will be sensitively considered. The Forms can be accessed via the forms page on this website.

Once approved and installed the Authorised Owner of the plaque or stone is responsible for advising the Trustees of any change of address and contact details.

Planting of any kind will not be permitted. Any wreaths, crosses or flowers laid on or around the memorial site may be removed at the discretion of the Trustees and will be done without prior notice.

No floral containers, candles or other tributes may be placed on or near the site. No ashes may be buried or scattered on this site. It is essential that official consent is granted and payment made prior to ordering a plaque or memorial stone. All stones and plaques must be ordered through the approved suppliers only, in order to maintain continuity to the overall visual effect. Applicants will be invited to place the deceased’s name in a Memorial Book located in the Visitor Centre It should be noted that the tribute, although placed on the memorial site remains the property of the applicant or the nominated owner. That designated named person can approach the Trustees to remove the item.

After a period not exceeding ten years, the Trustees may approach the Authorised Applicant to renew the current maintenance fee. It may also be necessary, at times, to levy fees to deal with unexpected damage.


The Community Memorial is supported by the land owners of the site, tenants, operators and visitors to Shoreham Airport and is available for all to enjoy and respect for the foreseeable future.

Five Trustees have been appointed to oversee the management, maintenance and running of the site.

The Trustees will meet quarterly to consider prospective memorial applications (or sooner if necessary) to check maintenance requirements, keep detailed records and monitor the financial and overall situation.

All funds from donations, contributions and bequests shall be paid into an account operated by the Trustees. Two Trustees will sign all cheques drawn on the account.

A Trustee wishing to resign should give notice at a quarterly review to become effective at the end of that quarter. A new candidate can be proposed and will be considered by the remaining Trustees.

It will be incumbent upon the Committee to administer the rules of the Community Memorial, to manage the finances, ensure the upkeep of the site, maintain accurate records and plan for the future. To put in place any necessary changes to the rules to improve the running of the site and to update the information and costs.

The Trustees will abide by the rules of a small charity and will not be a registered charity with the Charity Commission. It will be managed solely with charitable aims and for public benefit.

Should there be any reason for the Community Memorial to be relocated, the Trustees would wish and expect that the Propeller, all individual memorial stones, plaques and the main memorial stone to be transferred and rebuilt (as near as possible to the layout of the original plan,) at a new site.

All money held to maintain the memorial will follow the rebuilt memorial and be used for the same purpose. The Trustees would communicate with parties laying tribute plaques and stones to inform them of new arrangements, and would endeavour to have the new site rededicated.

Copies of this Constitution and the operating regulations of a small charity may be requested from the Trustees.

the Trustees are: Mrs Anne Bean, Mrs Maureen Meadows, Mr Geoffrey Smith, Mrs Jane Smith, Mr Allan Fowler